by admin on February 21, 2011

3 flip-flops (lloyds carmel)

i’m sure you will all be relieved to hear that esme’s foot hysteria was all for naught:  it turns out she does not have bunions after all!  rather, x-rays reveal that her foot has acquired a little soft tissue something that can be removed in out-patient surgery and does not involve what whimsey whimsically described as “cutting off your toe and putting it back on again.” 

 the doctor even walked into the office, spotted the xrays, and was heard to declaim “nice-looking feet”!  how my heart swelled!  omg, i may even have to re-order all those zappos shoes that i just finished returning! 

on the other hand, i have learned over the years that once you have surgery on a body-part it is never quite the same, so i suppose i should not count my un-bunions (unnions?) before they’re hatched.  in any case, this experience has given me a whole new level of consciousness regarding feet.  i am sneaking peeks at feet everywhere, observing what sort of (usually sandals) the older woman wears, searching for comfort and fashion, and noting that even young people can have some very peculiar foot configurations! 

summer is a good time to do this sort of research, as people tend to sport footwear that reveals, not only a bit of toe-cleavage, but the foot-flesh equivalent of the thong bikini.  fashion-forward flip-flops abound.  some are glittery, some earthy, and many have wedge heels that provide height and support.  i must say, i cringe when i see youngsters walking all about in perfectly flimsy flip-flops (not to mention 6-inch heels), imagining the foot problems they will likely encounter in middle-age.  college students take note:  podiatry is looking like a good career! 

always look beyond the surface of things,



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