by admin on February 21, 2011

sandals with toe-socks (scandalous!)

as you may have noted, esme has been rather foot-centric lately.  while awaiting surgery on her un-bunion, she has managed to find 2 pairs of merrell sandals that are utterly comfortable.  they just happen to fit the sole of her foot perfectly, and provide lots of arch-support and cushion without looking too too dorky. 

however, anticipating possible inclement weather on her trip to port townsend, she has looked in vain (and with much vanity) for a pair of closed-toed shoes with equal comfort.  indeed, she may have to resort to that fashion no-no—-sandals with socks! omg!  the shame of it!  thank goodness it’s unlikely she will run into anyone she knows, but still…..

in the meantime, in hopes of preventing further problems with any number of her joints and appendages, she has been experimenting with different approaches to walking.  now i do this all the time when i swim:  try different strokes, different variations on each stroke, make adjustments and refinements.  but i’ve never really applied this approach to the more common and rather unthinking act of walking. 

 hunter has been very patient with me and gives me all sorts of opportunities to make adjustments while he tags the landmarks along the way.  just in the last few days i’ve stumbled into a kind of walking epiphany.  like most epiphanies, it rather defies description, but let me see if i can explain.  walking in sandals gives the toes a chance to expand fully without constriction.  this in turns lets one sense the entire bottom of one’s foot, especially in the front.  what follows is a terrific feeling of groundedness, of oneness with the earth, of being fleet of foot and yet completely connected to the ground.  as one who is wide of foot, esme has most likely been unconsciously scrinching up her toes most of her life, effectively hobbling herself as she walks.  is this making any sense?  you see how hard it is to explain!!  now the trick will be to find some sort of actual shoe which will encourage this expansive walking style…..hmmm….i’m thinking bespoke??

footloose and fancy-free,



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