by admin on February 21, 2011

dog camo


esme and mr. noir drove and drove and drove.  in between napping and listening to books on tape (imperfect birds, anne lamott) esme scanned the horizon for items of sartorial interest.  i’m here to tell you that, while the scenery was stunning (mt. shasta with SNOW in sept., vast rivers and bridges in portland, all manner and variety of trees and trees and trees), fashion statements were few and far between. 

somewhere on the 5 north, esme spotted two guys on a motorcycle wearing lovely fitted leather jackets  (one black, one brown) with long fringe.  now that is something i really want….but who knows where they got them.  fringe is big this season, and can be seen on purses, jackets (of course), boots, skirts, and probably even lingerie.  echoes of the sixties, which, along with the fifties, are in. 

our first stop was in a little village named mccloud (ca) at the foot of mt. shasta.  it smelled of jeffrey pine (maple sugar) and i wished i could bottle the air, which was high and clear and fragrant.  the predominant fashion statement appeared to be camo, most likely in the service of hunting.  maybe hunter would have more success with the squirrels if i got him a little dog camo vest-and-cap ensemble! 

on the road again,



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