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keen sandals

you may be wondering why you haven’t heard anything from esme in a while.  the truth is that on our return trip from port townsend we opted to stay in a number of charming victorian b and b’s, not realizing that they have a few disadvantages:  zillions of stairs, double beds, lilliputian bathrooms, no swiming pools and no internet access.  a few years ago, none of these problems would even have made an impression on us, but we are getting old and creaky, and of course esme is hooked on the internet.  then, after a few days of withdrawal, one rather gets used to these privations, and the urge to write, swim, and spawl out in bed go underground. 

anyway, let me describe the fashion situation in port townsend.  while mccloud was dominated by camo, port townsend was characterized by keen sandals.  i’m telling you, EVERYBODY was wearing them.  those who were not wearing keens were wearing dansko clogs.  this gave esme the idea that there must be a shoe store around, and was good news, as my most urgent quest at the moment is for shoes that will fit my un-bunion.  of course, the better part of wisdom would be to wait until the thing is removed to shop for shoes, but i figured it certainly couldn’t hurt to look. 

so, it turned out that there were 3 excellent shoe stores:  one had an amazing collection of naots; one lots of arcopedicos; and one the keens.  i spent many hours trying on shoes, and chatting with stylish middle-aged women in predicaments similar to my own.  i loved the naot mary-janes, but seemed to be between sizes.  the arcopedicos were very comfy, but i was not sure they had adequate arch support.  the keens seemed exceedingly sturdy, but a bit stiff.  anyway, i passed the time pleasantly and vowed to visit these labels after my foot surgery! 

the other notable fashion trend in port townsend was white people with dreadlocks…..i mean, ALL the hip youngsters had them!  now this is one fashion which i don’t think i’ll emulate.  in any case, it seemed confined to the under-thirty crowd. 

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