by admin on February 21, 2011

little girl on a leash

the children we saw in port townsend were remarkably darling.  for one thing, as observed by mr. noir (and as recalled from a childhood visit i made to orcas island), there is an unusual preponderance of redheads.  there must be a lot of interbreeding in the region (red hair being a recessive gene, as i well know, my papa being a red-head), because there were whole families with multiple red-headed children!  there were also many with reddish-blonde or reddish-brown locks. 

as the weather was chilly, mulitple layers of pink garments for little girls were not only de rigeur, but quite practical.  i simply could not resist getting mr. noir to surreptitiously take a photo of this little girl on a leash.  i think she must have been pretending she was a dog. her father looked rather chagrined, perhaps fearful of being arrested for child abuse!




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