by admin on February 21, 2011


i hardly bought ANYTHING on our roadtrip, but the best thing i did buy was discovered for me by mr. noir.  it is a multi-purpose head-and-neck-warming garment called a capuche.  i have a thing kind of like this that i use for dog-walking in a winter storm; it’s meant to wear under a bicycle helment and makes one look like a bank robber.  the capuche is a more fashion-forward version of the bank robber hat.  it’s made of fleece and comes in several fetching colors.  i bought a bright purple one.  now i can’t wait for the next big storm so i can whip it out….or perhaps it will be good for sipping cocktails aboard mr. noir’s little boat. 

 the first day of the boat show was quite chilly.  i wore my flip-flops with toe-socks (!) but was cold enough that a multi-colored sweater being sold at one of the booth proved irrestible.  like the capuche, the sweater will have to wait ‘til winter.  (note that the proprietor of one of the lunch booths complimented me on my toes, and quipped that they could “use them to make fish tacos”!) 

finally, i found a black and white t-shirt with a sort of native american print on sale for $10 in one of the shops.  it reminds me of these really cool window coverings my parents used to have;  long floor-to-ceiling drapes in an off-white with a subtle brownish-black pattern resembling a navajo rug…..wonder what ever happened to those. 

congratulating myself on my self-restraint,



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