by admin on February 21, 2011

apres foot surgery

     of course i know that they make you disrobe and put you in one of those hospital gowns, for purposes of a sterile environment and access to your body-parts.  however, one does need to give some thought to the appropriate outfit in which to appear.  for outpatient surgery, one will be wearing the chosen outfit home, so it needs to fit easily over whatever part will be bandaged (in this case, my left foot). in my experience, it’s hard to quite imagine what sort of shape this body-part will be in after the surgery, so you will just have to make an educated guess.  i’m thinking a bulky bandage and maybe some kind of boot-thingy, so skinny jeans are definately out.  somehow wearing a skirt doesn’t seem right (anyway, i’m not a skirt person).  i’ve become attached to the work-out clothes i bought when our gym burned down.  one includes a pair of not-too-tight black knit pants with a slight bell at the bottom—-i think i’ll wear those.  black always looks classy, and one could sleep in them if need be.  i have a matching zipper jacket (rather flattering really), so that’s a shoe-in (ha ha ha!).  i always feel good in black panties, and it adds a little touch of…well, something.  however, instead of a bra i think i’ll wear a little black tank with a shelf bra that i’ve been using for physical therapy.  very comfortable, kind of cute, easy to get on and off, and again, could stand in for p.j.’s. 

now to the feet. this is a problem, as i’m sure that i won’t be wearing the shoes i come in with.  also, i can only wear sandals at present, but want to wear socks so as to keep the surgical site as clean as possible!  well that’s going to look dorky, but should decrease my chances of acquiring some kind of flesh-eating bacteria of the foot.  so, an eccentric pair of short socks with polka dots, plus my naot sandals.  last time i had surgery, the nurses complimented me on my socks.  i’ll be quite disappointed if this doesn’t happen again. now if i can just keep the white dog-hair off my black pants until i leave, i’ll be in business!

i’ll let you know how it goes,



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