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british sports car in shop

feet up



is that if you injure them or have surgery on them, you have to keep them ELEVATED.  unless you have had a foot problem, you probably don’t really get the implications of this admonition.  elevated, no problem, fine, sounds good to me.  but the thing is, a.  elevated means “above your heart”, which, unless you are a ballet-dancer or a yoga-practioner, means lying on your back with your feet on a pillow, which means you are pretty much stuck in bed in a single position.  how i wish i were one of those people who could sit (or stand for that matter) with her leg straight up in the air, gracefully holding her ankle!

b.  it also means that the instant your foot is NOT elevated, it will hurt like the dickens, and you’ll be calling desparately for your pain medication.  and THAT means that you can’t fix meals, work on the computer, sit at the dinner table or play with the dog.  and if you’ve ever taken narcotics you also know that your mind will be in a fog and your lower intestines eerily quiet.  in esme’s case,  all of this resulted from one small un-nion being removed from her right foot, and an even tinier thingy being removed from her left foot.  now she has not one but two non-working feet, both encased in out-sized bandages and orthopedic sandals.  forget shopping;  she can barely even get into her clothes.  you might think that shopping on-line would provide some relief, but somehow, when one is confined to bed and has feet that look like a monster’s feet, it is hard to get into the spirit.  

you know, i feel kind of like one of those finicky english sports cars that always ends up in the shop raised up on a lift after one or another of its parts wears out.  (oh no, i am not speaking of mr. noir’s jaguar!)  you see them in the shop where we take the jaguar, looking ghostly but still beautiful in various states of dismantlement.  once repaired, they are perfect for awhile, until the next shoe drops!  well, i’ve always known i was a bit high-maintenance, but really…….!

perhaps i shoulda been a toyota,



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