by admin on February 21, 2011

cabi (winter 2010)

   omg, esme has discovered a new shopping venue!  have you heard of cabi?? stands for carol anderson by invitation, and is the clothing equivalent of a tupperware party.  (btw, esme always hated the idea of tupperware parties, but many years ago when she moved to the burbs, the first thing that happened was that she was invited to one.  i’ll have to say, the product is amazing, but esme skipped the games.) 

here’s what happens at a cabi party:  a bunch of women get together in someone’s living room; they nosh on decadent salty and sweet stuff, drink champagne, and schmooze;  a saleswoman presents and models the new season’s clothing line.  basically, one is TRAPPED in a room with irrestible goodies, lots of estrogen/oxytocin, and one’s credit card. 

esme has not exactly been on a shopping moratorium this month, but she has been attempting to exercise moderation.  well, so much for that one!  the clothes, which did not look especially inspiring on the hangers, turned out to be quite flattering and, most compelling of all, comfortable.  esme could not resist a pair of thick black leggings with zips, a boxy blazer in grey/purple/PINK, and a knit black trench coat.  fortunately, one can return them for a small shipping fee if they don’t work when one’s size comes in.  listen to the dream i had last night: my parents had disowned me for spending too much money on clothes.

what do you think that one means??



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