#139. RATS! (AGAIN)

by admin on February 22, 2011


chewed champagne corks

baby possum

perhaps you recall that hunter and I had occasion to use a gizmo called a rat-zapper last fall.  We had an exciting and successful hunt wearing our sailing boots, gloves and hat, and thought we had taken care of the rat problem for good. 

Alas, the day before my foot-surgery, mr. noir came up from the basement where we store our wine to inform me that the rats had begun to eat the metal wrapping on our champagne corks!  Indeed I had noticed hunter sniffing at the corners of the house, and I had pretended I did not know the implications.  The last thing a person about to have her foot operated on needs is rats. 

I briefly entertained a fantasy of turning hunter (a terrier after all) into a ratter.  An internet search revealed several informative web-sites on doing just that, and i’m sure hunter would have loved to have a job for which he is genetically suited and which would have allowed him to live up to his name.  however, I discovered that rats carry all sorts of diseases contagious to both dogs and people.  Dogs can be vaccinated against leptospirosis, but what if hunter got the spores on his paws, came into our bed….and so on?  Too risky. 

 So it was with both regret and relief that I gave up and decided to hire a person to trap the rats.  Letting my fingers do the walking (by this time I was stuck in bed with my feet up) I found an amiable rat guy.  He came by the other day to scope out the territory.  Hunter and I were both impressed when he donned a tyvek suit and respirator to explore the basement. So, we’ll see what happens. 

While I was paying his rather steep bill, he told me he had a baby possum in the truck.  Of course I could not resist a peek—-the cutest little animal with porcelain black and white ears!  The rat guy confessed that altho he was supposed to euthanize the critter, he would probably let it go in the wild.  Now that’s rat-guy for you!

Waiting with baited breath,



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