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the military look

faux fur everything

esme’s review of the fall (2010) fashion literature reveals a handful of unmistakable trends:  the military look (double-breasted jackets in olive green with rows of brass buttons); faux fur everything, from shrugs to boots to pants to vests; fringe; high-waisted pants; boots; plaid; retro-everything from the 20’s thru the 90’s but skipping the 80’s; eccentric mixtures of style and textures (plaid kilts with fur vests, bobby socks and oxfords). 

 however, leggings and jeggings still abound, low-waisted pants have not gone out of style, tops can be short or long or inbetween, shoes can be hi or flat or laced or buckled.  so, what would you say is definately NOT in fashion?  very little, as it turns out.  no victorian dresses.  no navy business suits with a-line skirts. no 80’s shoulders.  however, even these garments, if worn with a touch of irony and a few quirky details (let’s just imagine a victorian blouse with silk shorts and stiletto heals!) might pass as high fashion. 

so could we say that what is worn without irony is not in fashion??  esme is starting to think there might be something to this, and it’s at once liberating and rather frightening.  liberating because one really could wear just about anything with anything (and one’s closet could turn out to be a goldmine). and frightening because there don’t seem to any rules, and yet clearly one can still end up looking ridiculous!




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