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once esme latches onto a topic she’s like a dog with a bone.  she has just fininshed FREEDOM by jonathan franz (great reading for one stuck with her foot up in the air, or anyone else for that matter).  if you have read the book, perhaps you will recall a passage where patty meditates rather scathingly on the current mania for flip-flops. she opines that she really doesn’t want to look at someone’s near-naked feet while riding the subway. 

i had never really thought of feet as obscene, but you know, she has a point.  feet used to be a rather private body-part, seen only at swimming pools, or on babes in arms.  nowadays someone like christophe will wear his rainbows with a button-down shirt and sport jacket and think nothing of it.  middle-aged tourists in carmel can be spotted wearing bare-all sandals while their toes turn blue in the wind and the fog. many feet are a bit….gross on close inspection, while the beautiful ones are enough to cause a blush in the sensitive. 

a really strange development is the advent of boots with open toes; will naked toes be seen even in the depths of winter?  not speak of the maintenance required to bare the feet:  pedicures, special scrubs, cuticle repair, the wearing of lotion-and-socks to bed—-good grief!  and as one gets older it becomes harder and harder to even reach one’s toes!  a nurse friend of mine once told me she could tell how well-cared-for an elderly person was by the state of their feet.  and isn’t there a new testament story about foot-washing?  do these meditations mean that esme will give up her flip-flops?  of course not, but she may think twice about the state of her feet before wearing them in public!

do a mitzvah and wash someone’s feet today,



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