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added eyelashes

     the other day mr. noir was scolding me about writing too many blogs which were “far afield” (e.g. what does rat hunting have to do with fashion??  well, duh, you have to wear a tyvek suit and  respirator for it!)  mr. noir can be a tad literal at times; however, after a brief flurry of defensive reconoitering, esme had to admit that he had a point. 

ok my dearest, how’s this:  esme was absolutely gobsmacked the other day after a conversation with a blonde-from-birth friend visiting from the east coast.  we were putting on our makeup to go to dinner when the discussion turned to body-hair (well of course:  what do you like to eat for breakfast?  any good shopping finds? how’s your body-hair these days?….the usual).  this is a person with the sort of non-existent blonde leg hair that esme has always thought might have solved many of her life-problems.  come to find out there are HAZARDS to such a genetic gift. 

the conversation began when i admired the care with which my friend applied her mascara, and how flattering the outcome was. she put on not one but several layers in different colors and textures.  she touched up her eyebrows and spent considerable time meticulously blow-drying her hair.  and the reason??  a perceived dirth of actual hair, requiring a good deal of plumping up or “volumizing” as they say in the trade.  when esme learned this, you could have knocked her over with a laser!  go figure!  is there a moral to this story??

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