by admin on February 22, 2011

bottega veneta boots

this fall esme is determined not to go crazy spending money on clothes.  her foot surgery gave her a good start, as it is hard to even imagine oneself in new clothes when wearing an orthopedic boot.  she had a brief period where she felt like a bag lady, and lost all desire to shop. 

however, that period (thank heavens) has passed, and dangerous shopping desires are peaking up from the parched earth like blades of green after the first rain.  perhaps it will be protective to find myself desiring really expensive stuff that is out of realistic budget range. 

for instance, the first thing that caught my little eye was a marvelous pair of bottega veneta motorcycle boots.  these come in my favorite color—-a dark dark eggplant that looks like black in the shade—-and are soft soft soft.  in addition, they appear to have a nice wide toe.  of course, my foot is not yet ready to try them on, but one can fantasize. 

the next thing i found was a smashing red boiled wool coat with black stitching (sylvie’s).  i did try it on, and it looked pretty terrific even with my flip-flops!   well, the holidays are coming up, and i just may have to drop some hints.  on the other hand, an inhibiting factor (besides lack of funds) is the fashion-world’s (and esme’s personal) confusion about “silouhette”.  drapey or slim?? leggings or pleated pants??  boxy or fitted??  mini or maxi???  your guess is as good as mine….. 

trying to stick to window-shopping,



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