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healing touch

phasion plate, one of my most erudite readers (note:  this girl knows EVERYTHING, and if she doesn’t know it, she knows how to find out!), recently sent me an article http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/12/health/12profile.html?hpw about abraham verghese, author of CUTTING FOR STONE and stanford professor of medicine.  according to the article, one of dr. v.’s goals is to revive the old-fashioned physical exam, which has started to be replaced by labs, mri’s etc.  this means that doctors need to re-learn the art of touch. 

if you, like esme, have been traveling through middle-age collecting dysfunctional body-parts, then you will also have acquired quite a little collection of doctors.  i have dr. p., dr. s., dr. k, dr. d, dr.h, just to name a few.  when we lived in the bay area, mr. noir had a wonderful collection of doctors by the names of dr. liu, dr. chu, and dr. soo.  surprisingly enough, the medical profession on the monterey peninsula appears to be more ethnically diverse, even including the occasional nice jewish doctor! 

anyway, i have had occasion to experience first-hand the many permutations of medical touch.  i am fortunate that all my current doctors are quite skilled, and it is a pleasant and even healing experience to be examined by them.  the art of touch is especially developed in my physical therapist, dr. h., who uses her fingers both to assess and to heal.  and years ago, i had the most wonderful male gynecologist:  he could actually administer a pap smear so expertly that i would be surprised he had finished!  i’d be glad to give you his name, but i suspect he is now retired. 

you may think this eccentric, but esme has always believed that she gets better treatment from her doctors, both male and female, if she charms them a bit.  this was easier when she was younger, and it’s definately easier when the doctor uses sight and touch.  for awhile there when esme was seeing back surgeons and the like, she was beginning to think she herself had lost her touch (have you noticed that surgeons are notoriously difficult to charm??), but lately she has discovered the power of her spark, and feels a bit more like her old self.  of course, one definately has to be awake (if one is not marilyn monroe) to charm a doctor, so it doesn’t work too well on anesthesiologists!

hoping to avoid the medical profession for awhile,



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