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short hair

woman of a certain age with beautiful long hair

there’s been a flurry of concern in the recent fashion press (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/24/fashion/24Mirror.html?hpw) concerning the question:  should older women wear long hair??  esme had never given much thought to this issue, as she has worn her hair very very short for about 25 years (that is, even when she was youngish).  there are 2 reasons for this:  1.  it looks better, and 2.  mr. noir has an unusual passion for an edgy short hair-cut, and well 3.  it’s great for swimming. 

now, however, i’ve been keeping my eyes open for older women on the street with long hair, and most especially, long gray hair.  i’ve seen a few natural red-heads  with the most fabulous long hair—-as they age, it only seems to fade a bit rather than going gray.  the other day i glimpsed a woman with a lovely gray pony-tail getting into her car.  and a swimming friend has wonderful bouncy thick salt-and-pepper hair which can barely be contained in her swimming cap.  so all in all i’d have to say that long hair is fine no matter what your age, as long as it is flattering. 

something i miss out on by having my hair so short is the handy side-effect that long hair disguises one’s neck.  yes nora, i feel bad about my neck!  can scarves be far behind??

trying to age…….honestly,



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