by admin on February 22, 2011

tim lincecum


anyone who knows esme and mr. noir would never in a million years imagine them as sports fans.  and they would be right……with one exception:  when christophe (a natural athlete) joined little league as a tike, his parents became baseball fans. more specifically, they became giants’ fans.  there was even a period when (believe it or not) they followed every game and every play with the avidity of addicts.  esme was disappointed upon attending a live game to learn that it was difficult to concentrate on the play-by-play. 

now those days have passed, but watching the giants in the world series (or as esme’s papa likes to call it, the world serious) has brought back fond memories of our baseball days.  and so far, the giants are even doing well!  mr. noir used to say that the giants were gifted at grasping defeat from the jaws of victory, and indeed they were.  what esme is loving this year is tim lincecum.  she has a major crush, and notes that his long hair will protect his neck from the sun.  i think his face looks like a modigliani.  and what sort of a name is lincecum anyway???  i have just learned that he favors suits and bow-ties when entering the locker-room—-adorable!!!  and personally, i prefer baseball butts to football butts.  well.   ah hem….anyway.

wouldn’t it be fabulous if the giants won???  but i don’t count my chickens before they’re hatched; terrible jinx, that….



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