by admin on February 22, 2011

christophe's foot

mr. noir’s foot

esme’s family of origin has always engaged in a practice which mr. noir (unfamiliar with the idea) has dubbed “feature analysis”.  every baby born and every new relative introduced will be exclaimed over and an attempt made to trace the origins of his/her nose, hair, hands, feet, ears, etc.  we do a similar thing with colds:  who GAVE you that terrible cough! 

mr. noir calls this monocausotaxophilia, but esme’s family is quite devoted to it and implements it without a second thought!  anyway, esme could not resist these sleeping-foot-photos of the males in the noir family.  i know they’re terribly fuzzy, but take it from me, these are IDENTICAL feet!  even though christophe is several inches taller, he and mr. noir can wear the same shoes, have the same toes, and walk about the house with a remarkably similar-sounding tread!  if mr. noir ever had any doubt as to christophe’s paternity (well, i don’t know why he should but you know guys) this should put it to rest for good.  on the other hand, personality-wise, christophe is a complete outlier;  he appears to be the only true extrovert on either side of the family for about 18 generations!  well, i suppose there are always mutations….




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