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fabrizio jeans

cabi leggings

as you know, esme has not really been shopping lately; that is, she has not been SHOPPING, as in adrenaline-surging, heart-racing, gotta-have-it questing.  however, a few episodes of almost incidental browsing have yielded surprising results, and indeed, have resulted in the expenditure of some cash.

 this method resembles the way esme’s dear papa (at the age of 85) plays tennis: now that he is officially the old old (as opposed to the merely old), his technique is to choose an auspicious looking spot on the court and wait for the ball to come to him. you would be amazed at how many games he wins!  in like fashion, esme’s wait-and-see attitude has netted her a small but exclusive collection of pants, all of which represent earlier quests that had been abandoned but not forgotten. 

the first is a sturdy pair of black leggings from cabi.  esme had not had an opportunity to test-drive these until the weather turned chilly.  turns out they’re great—-heavy enough to give a bit of lift to the rear, yet stretchy enough for comfort.  soon i expect the perfect long knit top to appear!  the second is a pair of c.j. boyfriend jeans (remember those?).  the ones to appear over the summer had annoying deconstructed patches and were soundly rejected by mr. noir.  for fall they have trashed the deconstruction and produced a perfectly comfortable, soft, yet flattering pair of jeans you can wear all day.  finally (and this was quite a surprise), an unexpected sojourn to palo alto yielded the pair of fabrizio gianni jeans in a terrific muddy taupish-olive color that esme had lusted after months ago, at 30% off!  they were the only pair left….clearly it was meant to be!  not only that, mr. noir likes them, and they are form-fitting but exceedingly comfortable (6% spandex).  now i’m experimenting with burgundy, navy, purple and bits of green on top. 

oddly enough, this collection of pants represents a majority of the popular profiles:  baggy jeans, leggings/jeggings, and slim tight pants (alas no harem pants).  and really, don’t tell esme, but one could get through fall and winter with these pants alone, mixed with the tops one might already have in ones’ closet!

why shop when you can wait to be discovered?



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