by admin on February 23, 2011

impromptu leash

the other day hunter and i were tired of walking in the park (squirrels are sooo yesterday) and decided to walk on the scenic ave. pathway that runs above the beach.  esme donned her tilley hat and purple uggs (the only shoes she can wear besides flip-flops) and hoped she’d look like a surfer gal and not an idiot.  she collected treats, iphone, car-keys, poop bags etc. and loaded the animal into the car.  a 3 minute trip down the steep hill yielded a decent parking space and a beautiful day.  

hunter hopped enthusiasticly out of the car and esme realized, to her dismay, that she had forgotten his leash!  now dogs are allowed off-leash on the beach (if under voice-control) but must be leashed on the scenic ave. pathway.  there was nothing for it but to walk on the beach; however, we had to negociate a block of street before descending to the shore.  a guy with a wire-haired fox-terrier in his car yelled at esme to “get your dog leashed” and esme could only sputter in frustration. 

once we were walking happily on the beach, esme  took stock of her options for the return trip: no leash, no belt,  hmmm kelp….either too icky or too crunchy.  then she had a flash of brilliance—-perhaps she could construct a leash out of a series of poop-bags!  the city of carmel is generous enough to offer little stations containing biodegradable poop bags along many of the paths.  esme collected about 10 of them and began tying them together as hunter sniffed and ate kelp.  she wished she knew some sailors’ knots but found that an ordinary knot would become tighter the more it was pulled—-perfect.  i can’t say it was the ultimate is canine couture, but guess what….it worked.  thank goodness, because we walked right past the animal patrol motorcycle lady on the way back!  i was quite excited to relate this adventure to mr. noir.  somehow, he was not quite as impressed as i had hoped. 

however, it turns out he had used another one of esme’s outside-the-box ideas for his boat:  a baby-hoody (12-months) as a fender-cover!

if only i could invent something that would make some money,



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