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esme is a bit en retard with this one, but she just made the most exciting discovery!  have any of you heard of tavi gevinson???  esme finally got around to reading the sept. 20 issue of the new yorker, and fell in love with the 14 year old fashion blogger profiled therein.  tavi is a tiny (even shorter than esme), jewish (recently bat mitzvahed), brilliant (she appears to know everything about fashion history and current events) teenager who has taken the fashion world by storm.  she receives invitations to the paris fashion shows, and is on a first-name basis with famous designers.  she is funny and totally irreverent! 

the thing esme likes best about her is her self-portraits in various outre outfits.  i soo want those red shoes with the stencils of toes on top, and the multi-colored leggings!  of course, esme herself would look like a bag lady if she did the head-to-toe-mix-and-match thing, but tavi carries it off to brillant effect.  and i just love it when small women make it big (think also lisbeth salander)! 

 at tavi’s age, esme was busy practising the violin 4 hours per day and writing english papers.  in those days (just imagine), not only were there no blogs, but there were no word-processors! would esme have been a blogger-prodigy in a different era?? she finds herself riveted by tavi’s photos, experiencing some combination of envy and awe.  if you have not already checked her out, you owe it to yourself to do so:  newyorker.com/magazine slide show: Self-portraits and collages by Tavi, and http://thestylerookie.com.

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