by admin on February 23, 2011

frivolous bra

another tidbit that came to esme unbidden was a delicious little bra by cosabella.  esme had gone down to intima to purchase a new edition of her current everyday bra (a wireless version by simone perele) when this charming bit of fluff reached out its arms to her and insisted she try it on.  not the sort of bra esme would have imagined she could wear.  as the proprietesse put it, ”this bra doesn’t have a lot of lift and separate”. 

however, as esme ventures deeper into the wilds of middle age, she has found that lift-and-separate is not what she is looking for.  indeed, l-and-s seem to have the untoward effect of making esme look rather top-heavy.  so, she was delighted to find that not only did the bra fit, but it actually looked rather fetching.  and she was almost sure that it was just the sort of thing that would appeal to mr. noir (not a big lift-and-separate kind of guy).  in any case, it would be a great conversation starter in the ladies’ locker room!  which only goes to show that a willingness to venture outside one’s comfort zone (even in the realm of lingerie) can bring a bit of zip into the life of a middle-aged sportshopper.

listen to your lingerie when it speaks,



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