by admin on February 23, 2011

kate middleton's lingerie look

the bra as fruit basket

                 i’m sure that you, like esme, have been following the engagement of prince william and kate middleton with bated breath.  in fact, one of esme’s dear friends is concerned that their wedding willl upstage her own (planned for a similar date).  and mr. noir is anxiously awaiting an invitation. 

i must admit that,  while no one would deny kate’s attractiveness (oh what i wouldn’t give for her neck!), to esme’s eyes she doesn’t have that je-ne-sais-quoi that princess diana had.  maybe it’s just that she’s not as neurotic, but i don’t find myself staring at her photos in helpless fascination.  on the other hand, this wonderful tidbit caught my eye: a report that prince willy first asked her out after seeing her in “black bra and panties topped by a sheer dress.”  how i would love to have a photo of that outfit!  and doesn’t it just go to show that even impractical lingerie can have some very practical applications.  in fact, i am also certain that christophe’s conception was tied up somehow with one of esme’s first ventures outside the utilitarian bra…….




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