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architect-designed chicken-coop


chickens as accessories

i’m not yet sure how this trend will influence the fashion world, but chickens, or at least the idea of chickens are/is IN!  esme first became aware of chickens as a phenomenon when she admired some at the monterey county fair.  these animals were gorgeous and exotic, coming in a myriad of shapes and colors.  then, we had a couple of friends who kept chickens and would rave about how delicious the eggs were.  mr. noir and i try to eschew eggs due to our issues with cholesterol, but boy did this make my mouth water and my fantasies turn to salade frisee au lardons et oeuf (or something like that). 

most recently, there has been a big flap in carmel about chickens.  for years there has been an unenforced law against owning chickens in the town, but a case which forced the issue came before the city-counsel.  after much debate the council ruled that each household would be allowed 2 chickens (no roosters).  

in the most recent issue of dwell magazine, an entire article is devoted to an architect who designed a chicken-house.  something about self-sufficiency, back to nature, a chicken in every pot (?) seems to be going on here.  how i long for a few chickens in a designer chicken house!  and maybe a goat, for milk and weed-control.  imagine all this on our tiny 60 x 40 lot! 

so far, the only sign that chickens might influence fashion has been a few appearances of feathered head-dresses in the fashion mags (well, not chicken feathers of course, but they’re all fowl!).  and then there’s that clinique ad featuring some lovely spotted eggs, which i can only assume are chicken eggs.  but mark my words, something more will come of this.  i’m keeping my chicken-spotters polished.

but not counting my chickens just yet,                                                                                                



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