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feather hat

found feather

hunter and i were walkin’ in the park one day, in the merry merry month of….november….when we found this lovely feather.  it is a perfect example of tone-on-tone color-matching and i immediately wanted an outfit made of these taupish-grayish-brownish shades.  in fact, i imagined it might go with my shroud.  or perhaps it would make a nice repeating pattern on a piece of silk fabric.  what a great idea:  a feather collection!  however, we have not yet found any more feathers of interest, and i have since learned that the rage for feathered hats in the late 1800’s was a major cause behind the near-extinction of several species of birds!  of course, collecting dropped feathers would not run this risk, but let me tell you, i was shocked!  egret and heron feathers (long and flowy) were especially popular, and women even wore whole birds on hats and clothing (yuck)!!  this massacre in the name of fashion was responsible for the birth of the audubon society.  i wonder if one could make faux-feathers??? 

on the other hand, collecting dropped feathers is just another way to recycle and who could object to that??  which reminds me that i  think i’ve told you about my dog-fur project.  i know i know it’s a little wierd, but a couple of years ago i started collecting hunter’s shed fur, with the idea of having it carded into yarn and making a little knit piece out of it.  the sad thing about pets is that their life-spans are so much shorter than ours, and esme, with her rather dark imagination, has been worrying about hunter’s demise ever since he was a puppy.  thankfully, he is approaching the ripe old age of 10 and is as frisky as ever, but i still think that a littl dog-fur scarf would be a lovely momento.  i haven’t yet found a local dog-fur carder (they do exist), so if you hear one, do let me know!

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