by admin on February 23, 2011

assymetrical eye-glasses

kate and i were shopping one day when we encountered the most wonderful woman.  about our age, she was stylishly turned out and sported the slightest of european accents.  her face was framed by glasses with one round eye-piece and one square eye-piece—fantastic!  she had apparently obtained them on a recent trip to italy. 

seeing these glasses combined with her essentially classic look, one knew immediately that one was dealing with a person of interest.  sure enough, she had us laughing in no time, and introduced us to a most intriguing (if distressing) new angle on the aging body:  she claimed to eschew sleeveless (not because of her arms like most of us) but because her ARMPITS were just not the same!  why i must say, neither kate nor i had ever considered our aging armpits!  i’m here to tell you that i went right home and checked mine out.  i can’t say that i was stuck by their deterioration, but now at least i know what i have to look forward to. 

 another little jewel that this woman shared was that she avoided the back-fat look by wearing those little paste-on bra things with no bands.  it’s possible that one must have a certain unnatural firmness to carry this off, but hey, one can’t lose anything by trying!

you know esme can’t draw, but she was completely unable to find a fitting photo,



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