by admin on February 24, 2011

faux fur

esme received the following urgent missive from kate:  “dear esme, kate has been fur trapping at the mall and has a veritable stash of polyester fur vests to display. being the quintessential goldilocks, she can’t decided among them:  one is smallish, off color, one has great fur but oh so michelin-mannish, you get the picture.”

of course esme rushed to the scene, only to find herself just as befuddled as kate!  you would be amazed at the difference in fur quality and texture among the faux’s (just like dogs or minks i suppose).  and vests are a great fashion statement, but they do have the unfortunate effect of adding bulk to one’s middle, a place to which the middle-aged can ill-avoid to add bulk!  kate, being tall, can get away with this, but still….esme finally advised kate to sleep on the issue for a few more days, and see if her dreams would provide direction.  the stakes are high, as faux suddenly seems an endangered species, and choices in the stores are narrowing dramatically! 

esme herself has been on a faux fur hunt ever since she made the mistake of passing up the perfect cabi shrug.  she loves the way these furs feel soft, light, and cozy, just like cuddling up to your favorite animal.  and to her surprise, the patterns tend to look pretty good on her!  she especially wants a little shrug or jacket to go over a couple of sleeveless lbd’s, rendering them suitable for wear in fall or winter.  however, the few she has been able to try on have been too big or too small or cut in a way that’s just wrong!  perhaps if she waits a few months the right fur will find it’s way to her, but she is having a hard time reining in her impatience!

working on my tracking skills,                                                                                                                



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