by admin on February 24, 2011

a collection of tank tops

one of esme’s swimming pals confided that she’d been up most of the previous evening with night sweats.  esme felt bad that she couldn’t offer much advise, having suffered very little from this particular indignity.  in many ways, esme got off easy in the menopausal department.  well, there were those times when she had pms for 21 days out of 30, but who’s counting?? and she did have the occasional hot flash (often in line at the grocery store, apparently a popular occasion for such things). 

 in fact, when esme and mr. noir first moved to their little single-wall construction cottage in carmel, esme was constantly freezing, and accumulated quite the collection of silk long underwear.  mr. noir is one of those people who insist on keeping a window open at night, and so one must sometimes take extreme measures. 

 however, as the years advanced, esme noticed that the long underwear ended up in the attic, and she was amassing a collection of tank-tops and light wraps instead.  a tank top is a very handy thing to have when one suddenly becomes warm after a little glass of wine (this was bbf, i.e. before back fat).  in fact, dressing in light layers, acquiring a fan, and keeping a window open when possible are perhaps some of the more useful strategies for dealing with hot flashes.  

at this point in esme’s life, the era of the hot flash seems long ago and far away, and esme has found herself digging out her silk long underwear again.  every once in a while she comes across a stray tampon in the recesses of her drawers, and it has the feeling of an archeological find, a nostalgic artifact from an earlier, more innocent time……not that i’d really want to go back there!  so, in any case, my dears, this too shall pass!  and soon we’ll be like the oldsters who turn up the heat and huddle in sweaters even in summer, while their offspring run panting to open a window!




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