by admin on February 24, 2011

arcopedico boots

      esme is happy to report that she is now able to wear some actual shoes!!  while she is still wearing her purple uggs to walk the dog, she has found the most wonderful pair of little elfin boots to wear around town!  snooping around lloyds in downtown carmel, she spotted a pair of wide-toed, soft-looking black boots by arcopedico.  this brand comes in european sizes and does not make half-sizes, always a dilemma for esme, whose feet seem to be somewhere between a 36 and a 37.  she tried on both sizes, obsessed for perhaps 10 minutes, and with the aid of the salespeople (one advocated the 36, the other the 37) finally decided that the 36 footbed felt best, even though there was less room in the toes. 

 these boots are made of fabric, not leather (they qualify as vegan for you vegans out there), so would be likely to give.  their purchase turned out to be a great success, and esme has been wearing them up down and around the town with comfort and pride!  she would like a pair of arcopedico maryjanes, but these present a whole different set of sizing issues, and she has been unable to make a commitment….

these boots are made for walking,



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