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crea thingy

christmas reindeer

the noir family, like esme’s family of origin, tends to take refuge from the christmas madness in it’s jewishness.  they don’t feel obligated (in fact in some cases they are forbidden) to have: a tree; lights; christmas sweaters; piles of presents under the tree; baked ham; little red hats with bells; santa claus; presents for everyone they know.  on the other hand, they are quite enthusiastic about:  eggnog; turducken; one-present-per-nuclear-family-member; champagne; handel’s messiah; old-fashioned christmas carols (NOT to include santa-baby, which drives esme bonkers); a fire in the hearth; being with family.  mr. noir has converted a white-elephant present from his former employment’s christmas party into a tiny, rather heathen version of a tree:  we now have a christmas reindeer, complete with it’s own rock-band, around which we place our rather meager supply of presents.  as christophe pointed out with some outrage, the reindeer is too small to fit a surf-board under! (and what else is new??) 

but don’t make the mistake of thinking we celebrate hannukah either.  we did light candles and have little presents when christophe was small, but hannukah is kind of a wimpy little holiday, and anyway, we are cultural in our jewishness rather than religious.  all of which may help you understand that esme did not feel too too guilty when she indulged in a burst of pre-christmas shopping that had nothing to do with buying gifts for others.  now esme had intended to cut back on her usual winter season shopping binges.  she had also vowed not to buy anymore garments which had to be described as “thingies”. 

however, who could resist a 50% off sale at sylvie??  with mr. noir in tow, esme carted home a long black crea sleeveless vesty dress thing, a black t-shirt, some wacky black pants with pajama-like cuffs on the bottom, and a bright red coat (very little-red-ridinghood)!  if only she had tavi’s red rei kawakuba shoes to go with it!   

pagan at heart,

esme (first published in dec. of 2010)


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