#171. WHO ME?

by admin on February 24, 2011


in a previous blog, esme referred to her devoted reader, phashion plate, as a “girl”.  come to find out, no one had ever addressed her in this way.   this set esme to thinking about her own experience.  esme’s parents would often refer to her and her 3 sisters collectively as “you girls.”  but since then???   probably not.  and certainly in the early days of women’s lib, being referred to as a girl would have been cause for severe chastisement.  however, these days, the phrase “you go girl” seems popular, and perfectly mature women seem not to take offense when confronted with this form of address. 

i do remember in the old days reprimanding some male person for referring to women (perhaps including me?) as “gals”.  and “gal” could probably still rub me the wrong way.  however, in the last few years i’ve noticed something strange: other women have begun to address me as “dear”.  these could be older women, younger women, or women my age.  they could be health care providers or acquaintances.  i always find this startling, though not particularly offensive. my first thought is that i must be getting old……old and kind of cutely beloved????

 dearest readers, what do you think??



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