by admin on February 24, 2011

christophe had more luck than humpty dumpty

     thank goodness they HAVE  been able to put christophe back together again, and he is set to return “bloody but unbowed” to school in a few days.  for some reason, his accident and recovery are bringing long-lost poetry to esme’s lips (7th grade, mrs. eckert, INVICTUS:  out of the night that covers me….etc. etc. i am the master of my fate, i am the captain of my soul).  i’m sure that was the poor woman’s intention in making us memorize that poem—-that one day it would come in handy!  ok, thank you mrs. eckert, even tho i did not like you at the time.

christophe had his last day in the shop this a.m……a little trip to the endodontist’s office for 2 (!!) root canals.  this was nothing compared to what he has already been through.  he considered wearing his newly-acquired “5-fingers” shoes, which we all thought would make the endodontist laugh, but as c. put it, “i want him to concentrate on my teeth.” 

so he dressed conservatively in a pair of dark jeans, white t-shirt, regular tennies, and navy college sweat-shirt.  he even shaved for the occasion.  he returned looking relieved and chipper.  now if only i could make him wear a helmet with mouth-guard and maybe a full-body suit of armour, maybe i wouldn’t worry so much.  the down side of reproducing (even if one has only a single off-spring) is that one is never ever free from worry for the rest of one’s conscious and hopefully long life.  ever.  and i was just beginning to let go…..

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