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clothes we tried on

as you might well imagine, christophe’s little adventure kind of took the wind out of esme’s shopping sails.  however, now that we are all on the road to recovery, she has several adventures of a more purely sartorial bent to report.  just before the infamous new year’s eve. incident, esme’s sister roz made a trip to carmel and the sisters had their first ever joint shopping session.  roz is a fan of the many esoteric brands carried by sylvie (who was having a big sale) so esme was forced to step over the dangerous threshold yet again.  

roz and esme are actually quite different in their approach to clothes.  while esme favors jeans and leggings, roz wear skirts and tights.  while esme’s closet is black and grey with splotches of purple and red, roz’s contains an amazing collection of garments in determinedly neutral shades of brown, gray and black. while esme feels scrunchy with more than one or two layers, roz is a master at wearing things over and under other things. 

 nevertheless, they had quite the little party in the dressing room, trying on garments with and without names, and exclaiming in delight or consternation about the effect of said garments on their figures.   it reminded esme of when they were little kids and used play house, or dolls, or pioneeers (we called them “old-fashioners”).  we’d dress up in bonnets made by our grandmother, create houses from the overgrown grasses in the orchard, and brew up tasty concoctions made of bay leaves and acorns. 

 back in the 21st century, the siblings were just getting warmed up and could have kept playing for hours, but both had promises to keep and roz had a long drive home.  we parted reluctantly, roz having bagged a fabulous gray crea sweater with asymetrical details, and esme carrying a pair of wide gray wool pants with knit cuffs that roz had picked out for her to try.  i have yet to see anyone besides myself wearing these haremish pants, but i assume we’ll see them cropping up all over come spring!




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