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yin yang

esme recently had the most eye-opening renversement!  you all remember phashion plate, don’t you?  well, pp revealed the other day (en francais, no less) that she was actually a he!  (to quote her/him:  “une petite erreur—je suis le mari”.  that is, “a small error—i am the husband”). 

there would have been no particular reason for esme to assume that her devoted reader was female, i suppose, other than the fact that the majority of her readers (though not all) are (female that is).  and, rather stereotypically, one tends to assume that it is women who are interested in women’s fashion (even though most of the famous designers have always been men). 

if esme had even considered the possibility that pp might be of the other gender, why she would have noticed all sorts of clues.  but what has really flummoxed esme is that this possibility did not even cross her mind! esme has always considered herself a person who thinks outside the box, and is thus shocked that her thinking has been so….conventional….on this point. she admits to being a tad disappointed in herself. 

of course, she went back and reviewed her extensive email correspondance with pp,  looking for…what???  clues?  how things look different viewed thru a different lens???  esme was struck by a dream she revealed to pp early in their correspondance: i had a dream about you the other day:  details elude me but it was an image of you wearing a cool outfit (maybe a long black gabardine coat?), but only from the neck down—-in place of your head/face was a violet manikin neck!  the notable thing was you had long hands and fingers with short nails—-looked like you worked with your hands. a sculptor?  artist? something like that.
yours, e.  and phashion replied:
What an intensely visual dream!  True be told, I own a long blue gabardine coat.  Of course, this makes me think of Simon and Garfunkle’s line: “She said the man in the gabardine suit was a spy.”  wouldn’t you think that esme would have taken this hint?  well, she did not!  does it make a difference whether one imagines one is talking to a man or a woman?  somehow, it just FEELS different.  and hey, now i have to worry about mr. noir being jealous!

turned upside down,



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