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from the sartorialist

     esme has been discussing issues in layering with various fashionistas—-roz, phashion plate, kate, mr. noir.  at the same time, she has acquired so many clothes, that layering is really mandatory just to be able to give them all an outing!  octomom, pushing 8 babies in strollers comes to mind (no, just joking). 

 i have discovered that with weightless, unlined pieces, one really can layer say a pair of pants, a silk camisole, a mesh top, a knit dress, and a red coat, perhaps a scarf, all one atop the other, and still feel perfectly breezy and light.  where necessary, the coat kind of squishes up the dress, leaving a kind of frilly-looking hem from which one’s pants just peak out shyly.  with this approach, the details of some of the inner pieces do get lost, but the whole looks and feels surprisingly pleasing. 

the sartorialist recently posted a fetching photo of extreme layering.  phashion and i have been analyzing this photo.  both of us like it.  yet we wonder how the woman pulls it off.  does one need to be thin to succeed in such radical layering?  could an older woman manage it?  how about someone not blonde??? 

i harken back to what i shall call THE RULE OF NADINE, which is, try it on! nadine believes that sizes are irrelevant.  she also believes (and esme is here to prove her right) that things you might think could only be worn by a tall person can look great on a short person, and vice versa.   so if you’d like to try radical layering, do it!  just take a friend with you, and do think about what it might be like when you go indoors and actually have to remove all those scarves and sweaters and coats and jackets….perhaps you’ll need a valet to carry them for you and make sure you don’t drop any on the way out!

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