by admin on February 24, 2011

old-fashioned nursepicture a photo of an attractive women completely incased in pink scrubs, looking a bit like a moon-walker. then, a photo of an old-fashioned nurse in apron and cap. ok…..esme was chatting with her dental hygenist (as much as one can chat) about fashion in her profession. a woman of a certain age, she mourned the days when she would wear heels and pearls to work. now pastel scrubs are considered more professional, and she must come to work looking like a cross between an easter egg and a snow-person! she pointed out that the only place one could find an old-fashioned nurse’s uniform these days would be in a costume shop.

 esme did wonder how she kept her pearls from falling into the patient’s mouth (well, i suppose there are worse things), and how her feet fared in the heels. esme recalled that her own grandparents had met when her grandmother was a nurse and her grandfather a patient. this would have been in the roaring twenties and i’m sure my grandmother, who loved clothes, must have had a really fetching nurses’s outfit!

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