by admin on February 24, 2011

red-shouldered hawk

esme’s latest crush has been on a bird of prey.  hunter and i have been catching glimpses of the loveliest hawk when we walk to the park.  i tried to capture her image on my iphone, but without success.  recently, i learned to recognize her call—a piercing sort of kee-ew kee-ew kee-ew.  the other day she perched on a branch just a few yards away.  she is rounded, with wing feathers in a stylish brown and cream tweed.  her beak is dark (paloma picasso lipstick anyone?), and her breast is a rich russet color. 

i guess i’m a sucker for tweed, as one of the first things i noticed about mr. noir lo these many years ago was the cozy tweed jacket he wore.  and one of the garments i wish i’d bought this winter was a rustic tweed jacket that got away.  a little on-line research leads me to believe that my tweedy bird is a female red-shouldered hawk.  however, as you know, i’ve been known to be mistaken about the gender of humans, so i suppose i might have the same problem with a bird!  do you think she’d let me get closer if i wore the tweed jacket?  on the other hand, i suppose that might make hunter jealous, and then i’d have a kerfuffle on my hands!




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