by admin on February 24, 2011

Wouldn’t it be a dream-come-true to be walking along a sidewalk and have the person walking behind you think “she has the perfect body”?   of course, you wouldn’t know they were thinking this unless they told you, but let’s imagine for a moment that you were psychic.  Well, this is exactly what happened to a woman at my gym the other day, and she didn’t even need to be a mind-reader! 

Esme was showering when she overheard the following conversation.  tall woman steps on scale, sighs and shakes her head.  Claire, in tones of amazement says, but you have the perfect body!  You’re so  sweet, she replies somewhat dismissively.  No really, says Claire….i was just walking behind you and thinking, that woman has the body I wish I had—not too thin, not too fat, nicely muscled, graceful—the PERFECT BODY. 

Did woman one believe her?  It was hard to tell.  Could we females learn to speak this way to ourselves (even if we fall short of perfect)?  Doubtful at present.  Try seeing yourself through the admiring eyes of another, even if that other might have rose-colored glasses.  Think to yourself “lovely”.  Think to yourself “strong”.  Think to yourself how fortunate you are to have the body you’ve been given. Admire yourself from the inside out!  Let esme know how it goes.  And while you’re at it, admire someone else just for the heck of it!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,



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