by admin on February 26, 2011


rose buds

The more esme talks to women about fashion and the body, the more she hears the multiple ways that women disparage their looks.  Perhaps she’ll embark on a small campaign to encourage women (and guys can jump in too) to change the words they use to describe their bodies.  Words are powerful tools, and most of us were trained early on to use them as weapons against ourselves.

  Take one of my chums who refers to her little breasts as “mosquito bites.”  What an image we have here!  My dear, try changing the wording just a bit and see how much better you feel—“rosebuds”, perhaps?  And of course esme is fond of “booblets”.   another friend likes to describe her legs as “tree-stumps”.  How about “magnificent limbs”?  then there are your basics:  “fat” might become “voluptuous”, while “skinny” could is transformed into “lithe”, or “spare”.   “short” (this would describe esme) could become “compact”, “grounded”, “unlikely to tip over” and “good at squeezing into small spaces”!   in the language of cognitive psychology, this is called “reframing”.  So give it and try and send me your best images.  In the meantime I’ll keep my eyes open for a good deal on rose-colored glasses in bulk!

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