by admin on February 27, 2011

woman stretching

dogs know how to stretch

these days when mr. noir and i awake, anyone listening is likely to hear a chorus of groans and sighs.  this is how we lubricate our stiff muscles and joints:  ” uuuh,  aaaah, oooh…oye!”  morning activites such as retreiving the dog-bowl or picking up the morning paper are particularly noisy.  speaking of which, what is the best attire for those who have trouble bending and reaching?? 

i love to sleep in a nightgown, but realize that i’ve been self-conscious about squatting down to reach the MONTEREY HERALD in the morning.  well, who’s looking?  hunter doesn’t mind, and most of our neighbors are over 80! 

i do tend to eschew shoes that need to be tied (very hard on the back).  and tight tops that need to be pulled over the head can be troublesome.  whimsey has a great solution for tank tops, spanx and other sleeveless attire:  step into your top and pull it up over your hips. 

tights and stockings can be difficult, what with the need for careful bending and rolling….perhaps this is one reason i prefer leggings!  i am fortunate that i can still reach behind my back to close my bra (amazing, really) but of course you can always buy one that clasps in front, or clasp in front and twirl to the back.  who would ever have imagined having such concerns!

btw, everyone says that esme does not LOOK like an arthritic person…..just goes to show again that appearances can be deceptive!  (nonetheless i’m grateful for small favors.)

wishing they’d invent WD-40 for human joints,



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