by admin on February 28, 2011

anne hathaway in custom armani

esme was beginning to think she had hallucinated anne hathaway’s  blue oscar dress– she couldn’t find an image of it ANYWHERE!  and if she had hallucinated it, she should certainly find a new career as a fashion designer; that was some dress!   fortunately,  she finally found an image, which you see here.

speaking of hallucinations, esme and mr. noir did a movie blitz last week and saw THE KING’S SPEECH and BLACK SWAN in a single day.  the latter, while painful to watch, certainly sticks in the mind. something that haunted esme was the implication that nina, the heroine, “goes crazy” from the stress she is under, and ends up having visual and sensory hallucinations (her foot becomes webbed, her back grows black feathers, she see things that are not there).  both mr. noir and esme have a background in mental health, and i am here to tell you that, as a rule, people who are “going crazy” (as in having a psychotic episode), DO NOT HAVE VISUAL HALLUCINATIONS OR BODILY DISTORTIONS.  rather, they hear voices, or have unrealistic ideas.  visual and sensory hallucinations, such as those portrayed in the film, are typical of an organic illness—one, for instance, caused by ingesting hallucinagens, developing a brain tumor, or running a very high fever.  mr. noir speculated that nina’s psychotic episode was induced by the drugs her “friend” put in her drink.  this would make sense.  however, we have seen more than once that hollywood gets it all wrong when portraying mental illness—do a little more research you guys!! (or just consult with esme and mr. noir).



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