by admin on February 28, 2011

jennifer hudson in orange

halle berry’s frothy gown

so, which gowns did YOU like best?  esme loved anne hathaway’s brilliant blue off-the-shoulder creation, as well as halle berry’s frothy flesh-toned number. esme is always thrilled when ms. berry looks glamorous in super-short hair. 

these two outfits also exemplify 2 very different trends-of-the-moment:  subtle flesh-tones in sheer fabrics, and dense, vibrant solid colors.  esme has seen dresses in each fabric in local stores, and has coveted them, although she really does not have occasion to wear them!

and did you notice how beautiful the actresses’ skin looked?  omg, i sooo wanted halle berry’s neck and shoulders, and she can’t be all that young!  come to find out that the advent of hi-def. t.v. (which shows every little detail/flaw) has spurred a whole new approach to foundation.  it can be neither too thick nor too sheer, and i’m sure contributed to oscar neck and shoulder beauty.  perhaps i’ll have to try some one of these days, breaking my life-long antipathy to foundation (i’ve always thought it was terribly aging). 

i do hope you noticed flashes of orange at the oscars….esme certainly did, as she predicted a resurgence of orange lo these many months ago!

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