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vintage color blocking

color blocking – spring 2011vintage ’70’s color blocking

esme had just been reading about the revival of color blocking–the juxtaposition of vibrant solids in geometrical patterns–when she encountered a woman wearing a great example of this trend.  when esme inquired about the dress, this fashion-forward woman revealed that it was one that she herself had worn in the seventies and had preserved for lo these (omg) 40 years!  not only that, but the dress still fit her to a t!

esme recalls a dress she bought years ago at wilkes bashford in s.f.–a wool knit in an intense blue with wide black trim.  that dress would have been PERFECT today, but i believe i finally gave it up as too itchy.
if you have a large enough closet, and lots of patience, one advantage to aging is that your clothes really do come back into fashion!  i still have a few pairs of beautiful diana slavin pleated pants that i’m hoping to revive;  the only problem is my tailor will have to figure out how to add about 2 inches to the waistlines.
looking to the past for inspiration,

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