by admin on March 1, 2011

no if's and's or butt's!

Just as the fashion mags are ringing the death-knell of leggings, esme notices that every other woman around town is wearing them!  Voluptuous, slim, old, young or in the middle, all the girls seem to be wearing them!  Is this just carmel, or would one see that same thing in san Francisco?  (note to self:  take a little trip to the big city).  You know how kate and I searched for the perfect leggings and skinny jeans, and I’m sure you remember that one of esme’s favorite looks is leggings under a skirt (I’ve been especially fond of that look since I found a pair of petit pois mesh leggings for $25—so airy and comfy!)  so I suppose it’s fine to be a bit behind the forefront of fashion. 

The problem is, most of you out there seem to be wearing leggings with shortish tops!  Is this because it’s still hard to find long ones?  Anyway, this is not a good look for big, small, tall or short.  MAYbe if you happen to be a personal trainer with amazing thighs it could work, but even then it’s a bit much.  Esme really believes, and she hopes her readers will follow her in this credo, that one must COVER ONE’S BUTT when wearing leggings!  What do y’all think??

Probably preaching to the converted,



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