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well, the really fun way to learn fashion history would be to time-travel.  mr. noir is a sci-fi fan and knows all about this sort of thing.  esme, however, tends to get agoraphobic in time and space and likes to learn things close to home.  still, wouldn’t it be fun to go back and wear draped greek dresses or victorian silks?  instead, esme is taking a wonderful history of fashion course at the local j.c. 

esme is the only one over 25 (aside from the teacher).  she has the perfect opportunity to observe college fashion, as well as to learn about fashion through ages.  you know, the college kids really do dress differently from us middle-aged ladies!  a few things i’ve noticed so far:  a preference for long dangley feather earrings and large hoops;  the wearing of jaunty hats by both guys and girls; hair-streaks (white, pink or purple) which change weekly. 

esme is dying to share all the fascinating tidbits she is learning in class.

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