by admin on March 3, 2011

rose-colored glasses

After reading her own post, esme decided she absolutely must have some of those rose-colored glasses, and quick!  Funny thing is, they seem to be hard to find.  Found a pair for dolls (really cute) on a doll-house web-site (; however, although esme is on the small side, she really would not fit in doll sunglasses!  Found a red pair on a costume web-site , but what I really want is ROSE!  Guess I’ll have to keep looking (kate, are you ready for this one??).  In the meantime, many of you in the over-40 crowd probably know that as we age, nature hands us the equivalent of rose-colored glasses by dimming our close-up vision.  Imagine all the little flaws we miss in our partners and ourselves as a result of this wonderful gift!  Just make sure you check yourself in a magnifying mirror before you kiss any 5-year-olds!

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