by admin on March 3, 2011

mutton dressed as lamb

my sister roz reminded me about this idiom (see roz’s comment on previous post).  it refers to a look we middle-aged ladies all want to avoid—an older woman trying to look young.  bbbbbut…..we DO want to look young, don’t we??  of course we do.  but we don’t want to look “inappropriate”, or to have teenagers snickering behind their hands when we walk by.  esme sometimes worries she looks a touch muttony when she wears her skinny jeans–one reason she has become so attached to her boyfriend jeans.  although come to think of it, who cares if a few teenagers chuckle at us??  indeed, who wants to look “appropriate” at all times??  if you get the urge to cavort like a lamb in spring, go for it everyonce in a while!!!  just make sure you don’t break your leg/strain your back/twist your ankle/tweak your neck… know what i mean?

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