by admin on March 3, 2011

draped and tailored

did you all know that clothing from the beginnings of civilization to the current day can be classified into 2 types?  this was new to esme, and she found it very enlightening. 

there is draped clothing, which depends on the ability to weave cloth.  and there is tailored clothing, originally made from animal skins that were stitched together.  draped clothing tends to be loose on the body, and is good for wearing in warm climates.  tailored clothing hugs the body, and is crucial for surviving in cold climates.  of course, modern-day fashion combines the two.

esme loves the simplicity of this classification. but what really excited her (and this should have been obvious but wasn’t), was that it explained her difficulty in wearing her various drapey outfits in the chilly central coast climate. 

no matter how many layers of lovely drapey vesty thingies esme wears, she tend to freeze in the foggy summers!  well duh….draping is meant to keep one cool!  (listen up those of you with hot-flashes).  one needs a closer-fitting, tailored garment to keep warm!  this flash of insight provided a solution:  now esme wears a close-fitting (i.e. tailored) legging-and-top variation UNDER her drapey things, and stays as warm as toast! 

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