by admin on March 4, 2011

high-waisted pants are IN

while esme was admiring the sheer angora sweater at SHE, she overheard a woman in the dressing room obsessing about pants.  esme’s right ear grew large and reached out like pinochio’s nose and she edged closer to see what the obsession was all about.  an attractive woman about esme’s age with a twinkle in her eye stepped out of the dressing room, and esme knew she was in luck–a landsman, so to speak!  and esme loves doing on-the-spot shopping counseling!  ms. c. was doing the kind of obsesssing that is dear to esme’s heart:  too tight/too loose?? waist too high/too low?? legs too wide/too tight??  you know how that is.  esme was pleased to be able to inform her that higher waisted pants with flowing legs are IN.   she found a couple of on-sale johnnie was blouses for the woman to try on.  and finally, when ms. could not decided on a couple of pieces, she offered esme’s rule:  sleep on it!  all in all a good day’s work, and esme had not spent a penny!  she arrived home with zero shopping bags in hand, much to the relief of mr. noir.

your fashion counselor,



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