by admin on March 4, 2011

orange coat

spring sweater and dress

a “just looking” trip to SHE in the carmel crossroads turned up a couple of objects of desire, as well as a chance to educate a fellow shopper.  while she was lapping at a dish of frozen yogurt, esme’s eye was caught by a paprika-orange swing coat in the window of SHE.  she thought she’d just nip in, give it a try out of curiosity (and the need for research), and nip out.  well, despite the fabulous color, the cut of the coat looked BAD on esme, and she was forced to take a little peak around.  she fingered a sensual loose-knit angora sweater in pale taupe whose fabric was very soft and almost sheer.  this was paired with a sleeveless embroidered silk shift in the same color.  esme loved the combination of wool and silk, the contradiction of winter and summer fabrics combined.  not something her current lifestyle would support, but something to covet in imagination for sure!  if any of you have a fancy summer wedding to attend, this outfit would be perfect!

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